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ну иди я тя съем)))

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We were horrified to flip on the bathroom light and find this rat swimming around in our toilet. Fortunately our cat Rascal arrived to take care of it for us. Update 3/2013: Wow...we never would have...3/2013 Update:Wow, we never would have guessed so many people would be upset by a video of a cat catching a nasty sewer rodent (rat / mouse / whatever). On that note...let's clear a few things up.1. No of course we did NOT set this situation up by throwing a pet rat into the toilet. In fact, when we walked in to use the restroom, heard splashing in the toilet and flipped the light on, frankly, it scared the *crap* out of us (no pun intended). Once we realized it was a rat and not a living poo, we were simply disgusted and immediatly started working out how in the heck it ended up there. We pulled our cell phone out to snap a photo for the exterminator. Also to prove to our friends that we weren't full of *sh*t* (again, no pun intended). When Rascal showed up, we felt a bit NatGeo and decided to roll video also.2. We have since learned that rodents can indeed climb up sewer pipes into toilets. And it happens more often than you would think (so watch your a**es folks). Remember, all the creature has to do is hold its breath through the water trap in the pipe. It's not like the pipe is full of water all the way down to the sewer...there is plenty of air and space to crawl through larger-diameter pipes. Also, another common way they get into the toilet is by climbing down the vent pipe from the roof. We have no idea which route this one took to our commode...but it was horrifying and disgusting, and we were very thankful to have a cat in the house to take care of it for us.3. Rascal didn't actually kill this rodent...instead he dropped it on the floor and batted it around a bit like a toy. Honestly, the squeaking made us feel pretty sorry for it (even though we couldn't have cared less if it died...especially after some rats had made a nest in one of our vehicles the previous winter and chewed through wires and plastic fluid reservoirs costing us $3,200 in repairs). So we put on some thick rubber gloves, scooped it up into a bucket, and let it go in the woods out back.4. YouTube comments are hilarious. Believe me, our opinions of ourselves and our decision to film this event are in no way swayed by your crazy, off-the-wall, often terrifyingly sick comments. Mostly we find it quite unexpected and curious how much drama and debate we have generated simply by posting a short video of a cat following its natural instincts. Though we do find it incredibly sad that there are people out there who might actually put the lives of animals above those of human beings. Despite this, we are still entertained so keep 'em coming!

Язык: Русский
Длительность материала: 00:00:41
Автор: TheDecn

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